11 AD and Chris Cornell
All of Eleven's Avantgardedog was recorded at 11AD,
A studio in Johannes and Shneider's house in L.A.'s Fairfax District.
Johannes approached A&M with the idea of financing such a
set-up as an alternative to the far more costly and creatively
stifling process of cutting a record in a formal studio situation.
We went to the label and said, We can do this,
Johannes says.

I designed a studio in my head from researching it
............the easiest thing
............ that would yield the best results.
Once we got the OK to buy all this gear,
          We bought the gear on Tuesday,
On Wednesday we were recording.
     I plugged it in,
          We put the boxes in the garage,
     We started to work
          Nobody could believe it.

11AD was also employed to cut ex-Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell's 1999 solo debut for A&M,
           Euphoria Morning.
Cornell, Johannes, and Shneider
co-produced the album, which also
included several songs co-written by the

Eleven members
Eleven was also featured as the core of the
back-up band.
Cornell, Schneider
& Johannes have been
members of a mutual admiration society
since the '80s, when Cornell and his
Soundgarden mate Kim Thayil became

What Is This
fans as college radio DJs in Seattle.

Shneider and Johannes were floored by
an early tape of Soundgarden cut before
the band was signed to A&M. Eleven wound
up opening for
Soundgarden on several U.S.
and European tours;
Shneider played on Soundgarden's hit album
"Superunknown"; and Soundgarden drummer
Matt Cameron filled in on sessions for Eleven's

"Thunk" after Irons quit.

Following the dissolution of Soundgarden,
Chris, Alain & Natasha collaborated on a song
for the film
Great Expectations
The recording was done at 11AD.
Cornell was scheduled to make his solo album with a producer who ended up dropping out of the project at the last minute.
"Natasha told Chris, 'You're on a roll now, why don't you come down here?
Let's start recording and see what happens.'"

Shneider adds,
"He called back within two days, and said,
'I'm coming down, the gear is coming.
I've always dreamt of making an album
with you guys... maybe now this is the time.'

Bio written by Chris Morris